Downtown Meridian Ready for Updates

The fast-growing city of Meridian and its business community are wise to go beyond just talking about developing a downtown core by actually doing something about it — but not before they poll the community about the proper steps to take along the way.

In an area often billed as “the geographical population center of the Treasure Valley,” it seems like the right time to move on a more well-defined downtown — Meridian-style.

The city is blessed with a central location with easy access to an interstate that can deliver hordes of new clientele from all directions. It has a number of natural and lifestyle charms — how else do you get to be the No. 9 fastest-growing city in the country? With a population that is about to pass 90,000, Meridian is positioned to grow even more over the next couple of decades.

Flush with places to live and an abundant selection of retail and entertainment attractions such as The Village at Meridian, the city has a lot of things that other communities and the developers who serve them covet: the promise of continued growth..and a desirable quality of life.